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The number of remote, telecommuting and nomadic workers in large and medium-sized companies is growing, all of whom need to keep track of their activities. To reduce the risks of information leakage associated with connecting to the corporate network. However, widespread deployment of tracking applications is hampered by insufficient corporate security.


Following employees is a great way to get to know them better.


Social media monitoring is a great way to find problems in communication.


Location tracking is a great way to gather data on where and who is located.


We offer a selection of phone software and applications that protects corporate interests from vulnerabilities associated with the deployment of spying on the network. Our solutions provide a barrier to rogue employees and ensure that every user is tracked and accounted for. All other resources on the corporate network are not only invisible, but completely inaccessible.


The software products reviewed in Studio One Apps also allow IT to map resources that can be accessed by internal users, including invited contractors, clients and roving employees, ensuring that once on the network, these users cannot “roam.”

Our mission

With our technology, IT managers don’t have to compromise between full network utilization and the security of critical corporate resources. Our solutions hide network complexity and allow administrative staff to make security changes on the fly, ensuring quick reconfiguration according to changing user access rights.