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6 Ways To Make Your App A Winner

In just over four years the word ‘app’ has gone from being pretty much meaningless to be a household name.  Indeed, with millions of mobile applications available for not just the iPhone but also Android, Symbian, and other handsets, there is no question that the mobile revolution is in full swing.  And because we have nearly 4 billion people worldwide accessing the Internet remotely every single day, the market for mobile advertising is very real.  If so far you have overlooked this revolution, fear not, it is not too late to get a piece of mobile revolution pie.  But just in case you are not sold yet, consider the following benefits to mobile advertising:

To make your app a success, you must first make it seen!

  • You can reach a worldwide audience of four billion people and target based on region
  • You can connect with consumers by using devises they already own
  • You can extend your brand awareness into the mobile medium

Now that you should be chomping at the bit to get involved, it is important that before you start mobile advertising you need to consider a few things.  Here are six helpful tips to take into consideration before you start you campaign.

1. What is your App target audience?

You know the type of person you want to reach, now consider their demographic and geographic features.  By taking into consideration such things as geographic region, age, gender, wealth, etcetera you will be able to better target content to potential customers.

2. Is your App campaign engaging?

You want to make sure that you banner campaign is engaging and that your mobile site is conversational.  Remember, mobile users are immune to most techniques trying to gain their attention.  Consider using a mobile advertising agency to help make sure you audience sees your campaign.

3. Where do you want to advertise your App?

You want to make sure that you advertisement is compatible with the devises the users you trying reach are already using.  This means iPhones, Blackberries, Android and any other handset.

4. How much are you willing to spend advertising your app?

You can pay as little as fifty dollars to fifty thousand dollars on an online campaign.  Decide how much you want to spend and then figure out how to best implement your plan.

5. How long are you looking to advertise for?

It is very important that you come up with a schedule for your mobile advertising campaign.  Again, consider using an agency to help you come up with the best distribution and length of time that your campaign should run.  Much like all other media, mobile advertising have peak usage time.

6. Do not forget to promote your app campaign!

There is nothing wrong with using other media to promote your advertising campaign.  Consider using social networks and other PR channels to increase attention.  You can never have too much advertising.

Mobile advertising can be incredibly lucrative for your company.  Indeed, some companies have seen 600% increases in their market share after starting a mobile marketing campaign.

For this reason, consider making room in your app budget this year to spend on mobile advertising, it is definitely an investment worth your time and money.

If you are looking for help marketing and promoting your app you can book a marketing strategy session with our team. We can share with you strategies to increase your downloads, increase your app revenues and how you can even get your app into the Apple USA Top 25 charts.

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