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50 Fun Ways to Market Your App

No matter how exciting and unique your application is, if you do not promote your app effectively it is likely to get lost in the sea of the hundreds of thousand other applications. However, if you follow these next fifty suggestions you could be on your way to securing the success of your app  and making the big bucks.

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1. The Top Hundred!

iPhone users often peruse the top apps listed in the application store, and your apps ranking is directly affected by unit downloads. One way to break into the top hundred is to choose a catchy name that will easily pop up when searched for. And do not be afraid to look at your competition, it can help guide your marketing decisions.

2. Get Your App Reviewed

There are a large number of website that now review iOS applications and sending your app to them can help boost publicity. Make sure you give them a promotional code so they can download your app for free – no critic is going to pay to use your app!

3. Establish Public Relations

You want your customer as well as the media to feel comfortable with you and your company. Never underestimate the benefits of a feature story written in the media or of good customer service. Additionally, consider bunching up your publicity opportunity in order to maximize the chances of your app ranking in the top 100.

4. Unique Postage

Consider using custom postage stamps, such as your application’s icon design, on all mailings.

5. Use Promotional Ads Within Other Applications

There are a large number of ad-supported applications out there, and it may be worth your while to advertise your app within other applications. There is a growing networks that support in-app advertising that may help you reach your target audience.

6. AddThis

‘AddThis’ is a way to promote your application all over the internet. Remember that when you are promoting your app online to have an AddThis Button which will allows people to easily put your information into their Blogs, Myspaces, Facebooks, or WordPresses.

7. Target Your Advertising

When you designed your application you probably had a good idea of whom you were designing it for. Now is the time to think about those potential consumers and target your advertising directly at them.

8. Promote your application with current customers

That is to say, print your application on store receipts, packaging, shipping insertions, tote bags, invoices, restaurant menus, shipping containers etcetera. This way your current customers are aware of the app.

9. Participate in Question and Answer Forums

Go online to question boards that require answers and provide links to your website so potential buyers can learn about your app.

10. Marketing via Email

If you send out highly targeted emails you can reach potential customers and make them aware of your app. However, make sure you are CAN-SPAM compliant to avoid fines or criminal penalties. To get an email list try

11. Strategic Pricing

Not all application are free or $99 for that matter. Consider pricing your app higher if you think it can compete at that level. Also, do not be afraid to use promotions to lower the price for a limited time. These types of promotions can bring your app into the Top 100 by increasing download volume.

12. Make a Presentation

It can be beneficial to create and upload a slide show presentation that shows your application in action. Consider using Keynote, PowerPoint, or OpenOffice.

13. Launch Sponsorship

Securing launch sponsorship to promote and co-promote your application can help achieve widespread recognition of your application.

14. Integrate Sharing

Social networking is all the rage and your app can greatly benefit from including an integrating “Tell-a-Friend” feature.

15. Integrate Twitter

This is tied to point number 14, however is even more important. People love twitter and if your application allows them seamlessly update their Twitter you can benefit from free advertising.

16. Exclusive Content

Make sure you give people a reason to download your application, such as exclusive content that is not available anywhere else.

17. Mobile Bar-coding

That is to say, use those weird square things that look really funky. They are called QR Codes and are an incredibly effective way to get people linked directly to your website and you should include them on all business correspondence.

18. Update Your App

Sometimes people get bored with your application or it simply falls behind the competition. To keep your app relevant periodically update with new features to maintain publicity and support.

19. Collaborate with Others

Do not be above finding other companies that may be interested in working with you. Reaching out to those who specialize in your field can help to boost both your business and achieve greater promotional power.

20. Online Networks

In points 14 and 15 you made it so that your customers can use online social networking, but you should also be using it yourself. Promote your own product through networks like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and LInkedIn.

21. Search Directories

It can be very important to get listed in online directories such as DMOZ, which powers the most popular search engines on the internet.

22. Use Your Blog

Create and use a blog for you app in which you post promotions for certain activities like downloading or ‘friending’ on social networks.

23. Facebook Fans

Facebook isn’t just for individuals; you can also make it so that customers can be fans of your product. Let them speak their support!

24. Two Versions of the App

If you can, create two versions of your application: a trail version and a paid version. This way people can get a taste of your app without having to download the whole thing. Just make it tantalizing enough so that they will want the full application.

25. Optimize Search Engine Rankings

Do not be afraid to use Google Adwords keyword tool in order to improve the chances of customers finding your webpage.

26. Professional Email

If you want people to take your business seriously you need to make sure your email address is professional sounding. Also add a organization signature at the bottom of each email that gives your recipient the information necessary to respond.

27. New Website

Make a new website to show off your app. Be sure to include screenshots that demonstrate the features and benefits of your app. Also, be sure to include a “Available in the iPhone App Store” button to make customers able to easily purchase your app.

28. Create a Mailing List

Set up a monthly newsletter that sends information to your customers and prospects.

29. Video Campaign

Set up a YouTube account and upload videos of your application in action. Again, don’t forget to include links to make it easy for people to download your app.

30. Ad-Sponsored Applications

Connect with AdMOb Download Exchange, which will let new users discover your app from within hundreds of other ad-supported applications.

31. LinkedIn

You may never heard of LinkedIn, but it can be an incredibly effective tool for linking with potential customers. It is essentially a social network for professionals and you can use it to link people interested in your company to your website, Twitter, or YouTube page.

32. Use Forums

Forums are a common place for people to meet online and post questions and discussions. It can be beneficial for you to participate in relevant forums and plug your app when appropriate.

33. Paid Marketing

It can sometimes be beneficial to use paid advertising through Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, or Live Search. This can help potential customers reach your website where they can then learn more about the benefits of your app.

34. Use Current Resources

If you company already has in place sell sheets and PowerPoint presentations, you should update them to include information about your new application.

35. Direct (Snail) Mail

If your company already sends mail directly to customers and prospective customers, consider updating these mails to include information about your application. Also, remember to use Consumers lists to help filter potentials by geography, home value, age, wealth, hobbies, religion, and ethnicity. This information can help you better target consumers.

36. Promotional Goods

Consider using branded items such as T-Shirts, mugs, cards, pens, etcetera to help promote your company and app.

37. Talk About Your App

Do not underestimate how important Word-of-Mouth support can be to promoting your application. Make sure you tell your friends, relatives, and colleagues about your application and ask them to tell their friends about the app.

38. Professional Phones

This is similar to point 26. You want to make sure that if customers call your company you have things in place like voice mail and on-hold messaging to make sure they understand you are selling a quality product. Also, consider changing your on-hold message to include information about the new application.

39. Design and Utilize Banners

Banners including information about your application can be used to promote your app at a given trade show or even within your establishment.

40. Text-Messaging

More and more people are no longer even using the telephone feature of their phones and are simply using SMS text messaging. Consider utilizing a targeted text-message campaign to promote your app.

41. Digg

Submitting an article or video regarding your app to will appear in “Upcoming Stories” where members can easily find it and spread the word of your app if they like it. If enough people ‘digg’ your app, it will move to the homepage thus further promoting your app.

42. Free Classifieds

It can be advantageous to promote your application through free classifieds like Craigslist or even the PennySaver.

43. Party!

No, not a crazy booze filled night of debauchery (though it could be if you wanted). Rather, I am talking about an app launch party that invites friends, associates, customers and prospects. Consider including a cake that has a picture of your app icon on it to push promotion.

44. Design Images

Use your Icon to make wallpapers and backgrounds for people to use on their online networks and on various web pages.

45. Shipping and Wrapping Paper

Consider making customer shipping and wrapping paper that are decorated with your app icon. Use this when shipping products or when wrapping party favors at your launch party.

46. Candy!

People love candy. You can capitalize on this by making promotional cell phone shaped mint tins with your app information on it.

47. Auto-Response

Update your company auto-response email to include promotional information about your new app.

48. Location-Based Social Media

Integrate into your app the ability to use social media apps that reveal people nearby with similar interests or who are also using your application. One such app is called Loopt.

49. Image Projection

Image projection, yes using light to project your image against an indoor our outdoor wall, can be incredibly effective as it is huge and very visible for everyone to see.

50. Update Company Directories

If you have a large number of company employees and surrogates, make sure to send out an email updating them on the application.

Additional Information

Marketing your app is essential to its success, and there are many effective strategies you can use to promote your app to your target audience. Here are some ways to market your app:

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