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5 Ways To Get Your App Reviewed

Even if you have designed the best iOS app in the world, if no one has heard of it no one is going to download it.  For this reason, promoting your application is equally as important to designing it.  And indeed, one of the most effective ways to promote your application is by securing online lots of App Reviews

App Reviews are a great strategy to get targeted people to your app… people are searching online for apps to play or use already. So one of the things that you should do with your app is create a keyword list to optimize your app reviews for. This would also apply to your app’s website as well. Think about creating articles around your keyword groups for example top “5 Your keyword apps”. There are many marketing strategies that can be applied to app reviews but here are some to get you started and thinking.

Outlined below are five tips to improving the chances that your app gets reviewed.

1. Don’t Leave App Reviewers With Any Questions

No matter how good your app sounds, a reviewer is not going to go scour the App Store and try to find it.  They are busy people and you need to make it easy for them or they are going to move on to the next email with the next app.  For this reason, every email, video, and website should clearly include your contact information, you company name, and a easy to use link to the application store page.  This may seem basic, but you would be surprised at how many inquires simply lack this basic information.

2. Start with the Description in your App Reviews

You letter should begin with a flawless written and precise description of what exactly it is your application does.  That is, be sure to tell them what type of application genre it belongs to.  Is it a game? Productivity Related? Dating?  Do not make them have to guess at what they are getting into.  Be sure also to note what makes your application different and unique from you competition.  Always be clear and concise and stay away from all fluff information that has nothing to do with you app.

3. Don’t Make Them Pay – Provide App Reviewers with a coupon

If you want someone to review you application you simply cannot request that they pay for it.  For this reason, reviewers want to have a promotion code that gives them free access to download your application.  Do not wait for them to ask for it as, once again, these are busy people.  It is true that you do not have an unlimited number of promotional downloads and this may mean you have to target those reviewers most likely to look at your app.  But remember, it is better to get a few review mentions than none at all.

4. Include a Video with your App Reviews

Consider including a quality and professional video of your application in action.  Indeed, this can be one of you best selling tools when trying to get a review of you application.  This is because it immediately allows the reviewer to understand the graphics, sounds, and overall function of your app within just a few seconds.  Be sure to keep the video short, no more than two minutes, you don’t want to bore reviewers and if you don’t catch them immediately you probably aren’t going to anyways.

5. Make Sure Your App is Ready – Bug Free

Above everything else though, make sure that you application is complete, fully polished, and running without bugs.  Again, this may seem like common sense, but you would be amazed at how many people submit application for review that are partially done and full of bugs.  Consider this: if you aren’t willing to take the time to provide a reviewer with a quality application, why should they take the time provide you with feedback?

If you keep these five simple tips in mind you and your application will be well on your  way to achieving Apple Store success.

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