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5 Cool Examples of Gamification You Need To Know About

Gamification is the process of applying game mechanics to non-game contexts to encourage engagement. It’s a concept that’s been around for a while, but it’s only recently that it’s become a popular topic of discussion.

1. Syrum

Syrum-created to appeal to anyone who is into science, this neat little game provides you with the fun experience of creating your own lab, creating new medicines and stopping deadly diseases! Syrum’s original intent on gamifying the pharmaceutical industry came from a way to educate doctors about the practice of medicines as well as the everyday general public about how to take and manage their prescription drugs.

The game advanced into a type of social game where each player can team up with friends, send them gifts, and receive rewards when they check in on Facebook.  This game is both educational and tons of fun!

2. Klash

Klash is a mobile app that lets you challenge your friends or strangers, as well as accept challenges. So here is what you do: Log into the app with Facebook, Your “Klash” is your Challenge so you then need to decide what your “Klash” will be.  Once you have decided you then send the “Klash” to a specific person or everyone, and you are then able to choose a reward. You can always follow and share the results no matter if you are accepting a challenge or challenging someone else.

The gamified concept of this app came from two guys who dared a third guy to surf for the first time and he was rewarded with a beer.  Those three guys met up with the final two of the group and created Klash so everyone could enjoy a good dare and be rewarded for it!

3. SaveUp

SaveUp-this handy tool is a website that essentially a free rewards program that rewards you for the money you save and securely links to your bank account.  So whenever you successfully save money, pay your bills or reduce debt, you earn points.   For extra points you can actually participate in daily challenges by viewing financially educational content or inviting your friends to join.  Right now this is a single-user application but the company does have plans to turn it into a social experience where you can compete with your friends.

I am sure you are curious about what rewards this handy website dishes out…well you won’t be disappointed.   The points you earn go towards rewards like gift cards, a car, makeovers for your home or wardrobe, and the BIG one; a chance to win the $2 million dollar grand prize! Obviously, this app is so worth it, plus at the end of the day you will have a nice nest egg from all the money you saved while playing even if you didn’t win the Grand Prize.

4. CheckinLine

CheckinLine is a fascinating app that allows you to virtually your place in line for things like Concert Tickets, Sporting Events and more. So how it works is once you have reserved your place in line you have to then “check in” periodically over seven days by

Once you reserve your spot in the line, you are required to “check in” over a period of seven days by accomplishing research or promotional-based tasks. You may not be excited about all the tasks you have to complete but the rewards seem well worth it.   So if you answer questions you get the first pick on the best tickets and the more often you “check-in” the closer to the top of the line you will be.  Hey even if you have to answer a few questions so that other companies find out what you like it sure beats out standing in line with tons of people on a hot muggy day or a cold snowy one!

5. Zamzee

Zamzee – is a small meter that you can put into your pocket and a child-friendly website that tracks and measures the duration and intensity of any activity you perform through the day. After you have created your Zamzee account you then connect the meter to your computer with a USB and it will upload your progress to the website.  Once it uploads you will see an activity graph that compares today’s activity with the days prior and then showing you how many Pointz you have earned.  This tool is geared towards kids and helping them become more active.  Kids are able to view how many Pointz they get for taking a walk with the dog, walking to school or the grocery store, etc.

With the Pointz you can also compete against friends or family and earn badges, accept challenges and increase levels.  The challenges are super fun story-based adventures that let you earn Zamz which are the form of currency in the Zamezee world.  The rewards include gift cards, tech gadgets, fun collectibles or charitable donations.

Just in case you are still not convinced on the results of Zamezee; a study conducted by HopeLab, a non-profit organization that works to improve health in young people, showed  Zamezee increased physical activity in kids by 59% on average over the six-month study period.  That’s pretty amazing results in a day and age we need it most.

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